A US Passport For Ed Snowden

A US Passport For Ed Snowden
Biometric United States passport issued in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States Government has revoked the U.S. Passport previously issued to Edward Joseph Snowden.

Is that the end of the story for you, Ed? OR do you have another option to obtain a United States Passport?

For the answer to these questions, Ed, watch this 27-MINUTE VIDEO;

A U.S. Passport 4 Ed

Click HERE for same Video with Spanish subtitles

Within this video, you will come face to face with the SECRET to FREEDOM hidden in plain sight in the passport application provided to Americans by the U.S. State Department.

After you have watched this video, read my eBook, From Sovereign to Serf, and I’ll see you in South America!

FROM SOVEREIGN TO SERF – The Book – by Roger S. Sayles

  246 pages of legal, historical and political intrigue with remedies and proof, From Sovereign to Serf is the most powerful book you will ever have the privilege to read. — Jeffrey Bennett, host of Life, Liberty & All That Jazz

America endured eight years of war and 25,000 casualties rather than submit God-given, Natural Rights to government control. Yet in the 150 years since the civil war, we have seen the United States Federal Government expand its scope of power and authority and our freedoms eroded almost exponentially with each change of the executive.

Today the US has the largest, most powerful government in the history of humankind – a government far more controlling, taxing and demanding than our founding generation abolished.

How did this happen? And what, if anything, can you do about it?

Read what Chief Justice Fuller of the U.S. Supreme Court had to say about the “spin” that was put on the 14th Amendment citizenship supposedly applicable to all Americans:

―The rule [of citizenship adopted by the majority] was the outcome of the connection in feudalism between the individual and the soil on which he lived, and the allegiance due was that of liegemen to their liege lord. It was not local and temporary, as was the obedience to the laws owed by aliens within the dominions of the Crown, but permanent and indissoluble, and not to be cancelled by any change of time or place or circumstances.

And it is this rule, pure and simple, which it is asserted determined citizenship of the United States during the entire period prior to the passage of the act of April 9, 1866, and the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, and governed the meaning of the words "citizen of the United States" and "natural-born citizen" used in the Constitution as originally framed and adopted.

I submit that no such rule obtained during the period referred to, and that those words bore no such construction; that the act of April 9, 1866, expressed the contrary rule; that the Fourteenth Amendment prescribed the same rule as the act, and that, if that amendment bears the construction now put upon it, it imposed the English common law rule on this country for the first time, and made it “absolute and unbending” just as Great Britain was being relieved from its inconveniences.” - Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. at 707 (Fuller, C. J., dissenting) (describing the citizenship rule adopted by the majority)

See also:

It [a passport] is a document, which, from its nature and object, is addressed to foreign powers; purporting only to be a request, that the bearer of it may pass safely and freely; and is to be considered rather in the character of a political document, by which the bearer is recognized, in foreign countries, as an American citizen [sic]; and which, by usage and the law of nations, is received as evidence of the fact. But this is a very different light, from that in which it is to be viewed in a court of justice, where the inquiry is, as to the fact of citizenship. It is a mere ex parte certificate; and if founded upon any evidence produced to the secretary of state, establishing the fact of citizenship, that evidence, if of a character admissible in a court of justice, ought to be produced upon the trial, as higher and better evidence of the fact.

Urtetiqui v. D’Arcy, 34 U.S. 692, 699; 9 Pet. 692; 9 L.Ed. 276 (1835)

10 thoughts on “A US Passport For Ed Snowden”

  1. Hello Roger,
    what does the letter P represents on the bottom of the first page of the passport
    right in front of the I.D.#???????
    Are there any other different letters??



  2. Roger, my passport has expired, I wonder if its a good idea to start from scratch and use the DS-11 or use the affidavit with the renewal form DS-82.

    1. Good question. At first I had the same question. However, the key to the answer is the ‘WARNING”

      1. label, which appears on BOTH the original app as well as the renewal.

        As this is the feudal system and they’ve slipped us into that condition, by that law you HAVE to have the chance to ‘volunteer OUT’ of that condition. They hide is quite well don’t they? So, ‘exactly’ like the ole ‘voluntary serf’ our current status can ‘volunteer OUT’ at any time!

        As it was initiated by FRAUD and sent in Affidavit form they have to recognize or rebut.

        Short answer, use either one. Both have a legal theory. One is a new ‘person’/status applying. The renewal is ‘volunteering’ as the same person. Think that one is a bit more valid now.

    1. I’ve never looked into this to deeply but knew the code were on the PP card, which I’ve never gotten and need to. Probably will soon here in Ecuador.

      As they designate a “Samoan National” with a clear stamp in the visa section I believe, “This person is NOT a citizen of the United States.” There have been fairly recent law suits by Samoans ‘wanting’ to change to that status. That suit was turned down by the SCourt. The Applet court ruled again them. The have private land ownership in Samoa & that other little island. They can NOT make them ‘property’ because they can OWN property, unlike ‘citizens of the United States’ who ARE property.

      I think there must be some designation in that card code for the differences in the two statues.

      Someone want to dig that out? Knock yourself out..


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