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Dear friend & loyal listener,

Happy to report that after a grueling month ‘plus’ of organizing, discarding, packing and moving to Quito, Ecuador the worst part of this is behind me. I arrived in Quito last Tuesday the 25th of July. Presently staying in a temporary apt owned by the gal that will help me undergo the application for ‘residency’ process here. I’ll gradually get settled as I want to find a place to rent that will be stable for a few years w/out all of the small moves I made in Argentina upon arriving.

We have made progress on the new network, People’s Patriot Network or PPN. Now that I am more settled here I can devote dedicated time to getting PPN in per-launch form. I don’t want us to be held to any dates as we go forward but let’s say that we will definitely be up within a month. You will be notified before hand of the official ‘launch date’. Then we can get back to the business of helping those w/’ears to hear & eyes to see’ back ‘in the loop’ of truth, solutions & remedies!

We’ve received several very significant piece of information to help tide you over in this interim w/no shows. Btw, I really appreciate the emails confirming my thoughts that you can get this straight info from NO other source. Now that you’ve ‘gotten it’ you realize w/the last 6 weeks absence how important this info & understanding it truly is.

I was thrilled to receive yesterday the complete video of the Michael Gaddy presentation put on by Daryl in Gadsden July 7. The talk is titled Civil War History: Why it Matters Today. As usual, Michael hits it OUT of the park! Feel free to spread & share this exceptional presentation of actual & factual historical information of GREAT significance to those who are truth seekers and looking for real answers. Link:

We will be posting one of the letters from Simon Rothschild that Michael Gaddy has sent us. We’ll continue to expose this series of letters and the other significant ‘original source’ documents Michael has stashed away over the last 30 years of intensive research.

One of the planned segments @ PPN will be a ‘ALL Things Cyber’ round-table discussion on Sunday evenings. The coming explosion in cyber coins will be completely covered by the network. To me and others this cyber field is the ONLY port in the coming severe storm. Not to mention that the opportunities that will present themselves to us as a group can be life changing.

So, after getting my feet ‘partially’ on the ground here in Ecuador I wanted to take a few minutes to sit down and get you back ‘in the loop’ on our progress. We have made great progress with the technical aspects of the network. The signal has been up for at least 10 days streaming Classical music for testing.

So, we’re very close to having our OWN outlet where we can cover and explore what needs to be covered and explored w/OUT people controlling things that have NO earthly idea of how the world really works!

C ya on the air soon!!! And thanx so much for your loyalty!


5 thoughts on “People’s Patriot Network”

  1. Thanks for the update. This is great news that everything is progressing to having your own station.

  2. Hi, I received this link this a.m. I appreciate having it, and look forward to the launch. My fear is the Elite limiting control of the communications we now enjoy via the internet. Best wishes.

  3. Hi roger. Happy that you are continuing. I appreciate very much, the work you have done. Looking forward hearing more.

    Best regards, lee

  4. Sunday we listen to the radio about 9 vitamins, as we ready to drive off the phone went off. the radio went off. We like to know more about the vitamins thank you. This is alba wirting, Ernestina is my mother, using her e.mail thank you.

  5. Roger,
    I flew to Quito, once, when I worked at Eastern Air Lines. Very interesting little city perched up on a plateau. The airplane landing was a thrill. Maybe I will join ya there one day….
    Still fighting for my legal and lawful freedom….

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