Chris Cave is in Sparks NV

What Happened to Chris Cave?

What Happened to Chris Cave? The first time I remember Chris Cave (I did not know his last name then) calling into the radio program was at least 4 years ago when the program was on another network. Chris’ knowledge of law and background in linguistics and the origins of words has always been impressive to me. Chris has continued to be a regular caller and contributor to the show for years now.

Chris Cave is in Sparks NV

Several months ago Chris was ‘set up’ by the Clark County, Nevada. He called into the program numerous times from the day of the incident on, giving us a ‘blow by blow’ account of the events. As the theft of his antique car, literally from his property, by (according to Chris) 11 heavily armed Clark County police officers.

Chris has a professional background and after he thwarted their attempts the ‘authorities’ pulled some of their usual tactics. Evidently one of the heads of the County Commission had his daughter ‘designated’ as Chris Cave’s ‘guardian’ and used that to fraud to place Chris in a ‘high security mental institution’ in Sparks, Nevada. Chris is currently being held, against his will, in this ‘institution’.

Chris & a fellow inmate were on the Radio Ranch two weeks ago for almost 2 full hours. The blow-back from that appearance has resulted now in a facility rule that Chris is NOT ALLOWED to use the phone. Previous to that decision Chris could ‘only’ talk on the phone with his “forensic correction officer” standing by him while he speaks on the phone.

We have set up a position for Chris so that when he IS released from being held against his will and under total fraud & color of law he will hopefully have something that he can use to possibly better his position and get his life back in some sort of order.

We will update as we know more.

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  1. I guess Geo stumbled upon the your truth, heard from the audience, got up, brushed himself off, and walked away. There are no more information on about the Radio Ranch? So the truth goes by multiple shapes and Geo unfortunately inserted it where no man has gone before. I guess Geo needs to shape the truth to benefit us all than to take the truth ideology as one man taking it for the team? I will formulate a better action before this Thursday.


  2. Gee Roger i am so sad for Chris Cave! this is what they do without any jurisdiction or common sense, either! just tyranny! criminal! i am sure you have heard of the people here in the northwest. the bundies, for instance. also the killing of cattle by burning them alive! well the other day early in the morning i google the declaration of independence and made myself read it. i was heartbroken by the realization that we are back there again, once again. so much i would like to talk about but i feel like i am being watched.

  3. Chris contacted THE HIGHLAND PERSPECTIVE by email several times before the show was suddenly canceled by THE MICROEFFECT without explanation. I spoke with Chris via private phone telecon several times in the past and he was extremely knowledgeable about Common Law and specifically REAL ESTATE rights of sovereigns. a close friend of mine discovered three ORIGINAL LAND PATENTS in her late mother’s personal belongings while dealing with estate matters. She presnented these documents to me and I immediately referred her to Chris. Each original land patent was personally signed by Abraham Lincoln, Warren G. Harding and one other 19th century president. My friend mailed Chris color copies of the original land patents and he had a telecon with my friend and helped her. WHAT A GREAT GUY ! The DARK SIDE always tries to imprison or COMMIT the most intelligent and “firm backboned” person that is speaking out and helping others (remember Ezra Pound ? ).

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