Good Will and Good Intentions

As I've said for so long, “it's the message”. Powerful & binding for people of Good Will and Good Intentions.

Dear listener, follower & supporter!

Well, it's been a week since youthful Mr. Geo gave me a much needed 'mini vacation'! With the way things have gone since I got back from Ecuador mid January that is not too much of an exaggeration! So, a bit of a needed break for me.

Although not as much of a 'break' as you would think of. I'm been swamped with so many emails, comments and well wishes from many of you that it's taken much of the 1st week here to even catch my breath. I want to let you know from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate each and every one of you. We've grown to be much more of a tightly knit family than just a radio program. As I've said for so long, “it's the message”. Powerful & binding for people of Good Will and Good Intentions.

We will be back shortly on the air w/our own network. We have a great Band-Aid solution that may work out to be longer than temporary. Time will tell. Ultimately the plan is to have our own dedicated network, based out of the Quito area most likely, that will continue to carry our message into the ages. That is the longer term goal. TFR archives AND ALL!!

Speaking of 'TFR archives'. I knew even when setting Geo up w/that question that some of the listeners have each and every broadcast done there downloaded. But it sure allowed Geo (as someone said, 'transpose the 1st 2 letters of his last name and you get the picture!) to show his true colors.

You've probably noticed the outstanding work Robert has been doing on the website as we gear up for this dash to the end of the year. On top of a general facelift Robert has set up Facebook (not sure whether it's a step up or down!) & Twitter so we can reach more folks who are looking for truth and answers. We are planning on adapting to changing environments as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Now to more of the 'business' aspect of this, plans & developments.

This appears to be a new, multi person, Cliff High video recetnly released.

Clif High: Temporal Awareness, Cryptocurrencies, The Yogi vs.The Bluebirds

BitClub Network

With all the devastation in the 'high yield' programs, as a team, we've decided to totally lean on the safety, history and cutting edge technology future of BitClub Network. Still virtually unknown to all but a select few this 'member owned' global mining co-operative will be one of the future's giants. The upcoming, soon, 'point of sale' apparatus that allows any entity that takes payments to convert to a btc accepting payment system with 'instant remittance' and a minuscule 1% fee, including the additional benefit of 'cash back' to a customer! Revolutionary!

The appeal of Club Network is universal as is it's reach. The same qualities that draw us here, track record, Club form, stability, cutting edge technological edge, member ownership, penetration into the marketplace, possibility for huge gains especially for those who expose the benefits of the program. I organization anyone could be proud to get up in front of a thousand Lion's Club members and present it to them. We are so blessed to get out hands on this as early as we have. Club is about ready to TAKE OFF in coming 'mania months'. We're positioned perfectly!

I wanted to say that I have been about to solve the VPN sign in hurdle. You can enroll people in your back office (enroll member option), coordinate w/them on email verification and 99 membership fee. Once that is done and the person has a member link it by-passes the block. Should any of you want to/need to approach signing in this way please contact me. I will help you get a great spot in the power leg we are group building.

If you've missed info on Club here are two good videos to view or share:

ICELAND CENTER: Verne Global Data Center Fly-Through Tour BitClub Network ES - Webinar - January 28th 2017 - Russ Medlin Also, someone I know who is in another line w/Club just had a group of people actually go to Iceland and tour the facilities in the above video. They also mine in Russia & China.

From what we've been able to tell and hear, the people who have been in Club for a bit of time are pretty much plowing ALL their proceeds back into the company at this point acquiring additional Founders positions now. I am very impressed with the professionalism and attitude of this operation. It is just top notch. LONG term, safe & solid w/a cutting edge position & approach.

Each spot has three landing pages w/referral links. Here are my Sovereign to Serf downline referral links:

If you want to get involved in Club at any level and are having difficulties please contact me:


This is brand new, even to me. I just saw it over this past weekend. Interesting how this happened. Jazzman, caller to show, dropped it to me in email. I opened it but did not have time to thoroughly check it out. Then I get a back channel message to listen in to another JetCoin line's conference call on same. They talked about Jet & the situation but then transitioned into a 'new program' that they would not name but were going to have a call on the next evening. I could tell it was this by the things that were being said. So, I immediately signed in.

This is PRE LAUNCH on Wealthbot. Official launch is scheduled for July 5. The have the 'best' MLM attorney in the country. It is FREE to sign in and FREE to even hold a 'Founders' spot (which you will automatically receive by joining BEFORE launch). They even say on the Q&A that they will honor this Founders spot after they've closed the opportunity to Founders, even if still unfunded.

This is safe, solid, uses a cutting edge approach and extremely sophisticated. The two videos, VERY professionally done, will give you adequate background and information. The 2nd one is Q&A. They have another call scheduled this Wednesday night.

BOT has a 4 level traditional network comp plan structure. Level 1, 3% override, level 2, 3%, level 3, 3%, level 4, 1%.

Here are the links for videos & sign-in.



Also, in the 1st video they talk about aitbitz Ewallet. They say it's the world's safest wallet and great for storage it is so safe. I signed into aitbitz last night and played with it. You sign in via phone or tablet and then there is a computer interface via a website named augur. Aitbitz also has a referral program should you care to participate in that.

Airbits sign in link:

Computer based AITBITZ wallet via

Also, on that video they gave out this site for 'trading' any coin for any other coin. VERY handy to have in your back pocket!


The other GIANT opportunities I see for all of us that want/chose to participate is the CIPO marketplace for the release of new, applicable and promising coins. We can ALL essentially do what the people we're seeing selling btc they bought for pennies for thousands of dollars. These new releases will afford us opportunity to seize some of those opportunities also.

The “Change of the Ages” has begun if you understand what to look at and for you can see it. We are at the cutting edge of the point of the spear with these programs. Not only personally but also in our ability to effect tens of thousands even tens of millions in helping 'them' achieve some safety as this change in ages starts occurring in earnest later this year. WE WILL BE POSITIONED!!!!

We should be back on the air in a few weeks, three or four most. I've already got a solid backbone of announcers who have agreed to participate. We will do 'block programming' where blocks of time will be devoted to certain topics or subject matter. We'll have a very strong health block. Two of our black listeners have agreed to have a program to reach out to the black community. I believe Brent Winters and Michael Gaddy will be taking a much more active role in filling our time as both bring so much to the table.

We plan on a heavy emphasis on this cyber coin/currency space. We can cover all aspects of it from blockchain changes to new coin initial public offerings, which coins look promising to invest in, etc. My plan is for us to be the 'leaders' in information that is provided about this important change & space.

I get my 'background check' papers from Argentina tomorrow and my dental process is about finished. So, this week will start packing and organizing and getting the final details buttoned up for the move to Ecuador. Plan on spending a few days in Buenos Aires before shoving off to the new country. Will keep y'all advised and 'in the loop' via the website and this newsletter..

Thank ALL of you so much for you wonderful emails!


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  1. miss your voice and all the knowledge so very much…can’t wait until you return. Hope you enjoy your time off, though, and I know you’ll come back better than ever!

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