Roger Sayles Sovereign to Serf

Roger Sayles Sovereign to Serf

Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words

Roger Sayles Sovereign to SerfHi, I’m Roger Sayles, author of From Sovereign to Serf; Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words and host of ‘Roger Sayles Radio Ranch’. Born in Panama City, Florida, to an Air Force Officer Father and living in Texas, New Mexico, Alaska and Louisiana growing up. College @ LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and yes, a ‘die hard’ LSU fan! I started my professional career as a smack-y mouth Disc Jockey in Panama City moving into the ‘big time’ music industry in Atlanta actively for 10 years in the 1970’s working for Mercury Records, ABC Records, Infinity Records as well as doing Independent Promotion. Subsequent to my active music industry career I taught ‘Broadcasting’ and ‘Record Promotion’ courses at The Art Institute of Atlanta from 1985-1995. It was while teaching and doing multi-level marketing that I found the ‘tax movement’ that has led me on a 23.5 year journey searching for ‘real’ truth.

In 2008 I relocated to San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza Province is an incredible agricultural area and also home of world class wines and champagnes, having the world’s best stand of Malbec grapes that make the succulent Malbec wine popular worldwide. San Rafael is in the high western Argentine desert close to the Andes. It is peaceful with warm & kind, loving people mostly of European ancestry. For the past 6.5 years, since moving here from the S.E. U.S. I have found a sense of peace and freedom that, at one time, existed in the USA but has since been ripped from the nation and people & country that I still love. I have come to understand that America is ‘not’ simply a line on a map. The TRUE “America” is a set of ideals, concepts and principles we have long since lost or been obscured from us. Maybe by absorbing and understand the information that is presented on The Radio Ranch .. Read more: About Roger Sayles and Radio Ranch

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The United States is Running Parallel Governments

Category: Articles, Government
For 23.5 years I have been studying the basics of law and the methods and techniques that the New World Order has so skillfully used to enslave the once freest people on the face of the earth. Few people really understand the uniqueness of the form of government our Forefathers founded and left us. Obviously, it has been totally corrupted and changed. 'How' the exact method that has been used was laid out exactly in my book, From Sovereign to Serf, Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words. Read more

Birth Certificates; You're Pledged by the Federal Government as Collateral

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When you or I need more money, we use something as collateral and go to a bank for a loan. When a country needs more money it has to go somewhere also. But in 1913 there wasn’t anywhere to go. So the US created the Federal Reserve Act. This established a private central bank (The Federal Reserve Bank) that would regulate the amount of money the US government was allowed to borrow and put in circulation. It also would expect to be repaid, like any bank, with interest. Read more

A US Passport For Ed Snowden

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America endured eight years of war and 25,000 casualties rather than submit God-given, Natural Rights to government control. Yet in the 150 years since the civil war, we have seen the United States Federal Government expand its scope of power and authority and our freedoms eroded almost exponentially with each change of the executive. Today the US has the largest, most powerful government in the history of humankind – a government far more controlling, taxing and demanding than our founding generation abolished. How did this happen? And what, if anything, can you do about it? Read more

Karatbars Information

KaratBars Will Free You from the New World Order

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Early on in my studies, I came to understand the importance of GOLD and precious metals in our lives, our families’ futures and in their well-being. I also noted the importance of GOLD in the scheme used by the New World Order (NWO) to dominate, control and enslave all the peoples of the world. In late April 2014, a good friend of many years called and asked if I’d ever heard of Karatbars, a German company which had been selling monetary-grade GOLD throughout the world for five years. I had not. Read more


Book: From Sovereign to Serf by Roger Sayles

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The United States is only the second country in world history where man has been able to receive God-given, Natural Rights – rights ‘they’ have tricked you into voluntarily trading for a citizenship status that amounts to slavery. Legally, you are merely an asset owned or pledged by the federal government as collateral toward our nation’s debt. In From Sovereign to Serf – Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words, author Roger Sayles not only inspires you to stand up for your God-given rights and against government tyranny; he gives you the means to do so. Read more

What is

Roger Sayles Sovereign to Serf is a voice for the Constitution and the U.S. Sovereign turned serf by a government gone astray. The United States is only the second country in world history where man has been able to receive his God-given, Natural Rights – rights the banksters and the Illuminati for a New World Order have tricked you into trading for a legal status that amounts to slavery (or feudal serfdom at best.)

Our mission is to promote a non-violent revolution against feudal serfdom and slavery by exposing The Lies and spreading The Truth and by providing efficient, peaceful and lawful means that work within the system to restore our constitutionally protected liberties and take our country back!