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Dear friend & loyal listener,

Happy to report that after a grueling month ‘plus’ of organizing, discarding, packing and moving to Quito, Ecuador the worst part of this is behind me. I arrived in Quito last Tuesday the 25th of July. Presently staying in a temporary apt owned by the gal that will help me undergo the application for ‘residency’ process here. I’ll gradually get settled as I want to find a place to rent that will be stable for a few years w/out all of the small moves I made in Argentina upon arriving.

We have made progress on the new network, People’s Patriot Network or PPN. Now that I am more settled here I can devote dedicated time to getting PPN in per-launch form. I don’t want us to be held to any dates as we go forward but let’s say that we will definitely be up within a month. You will be notified before hand of the official ‘launch date’. Then we can get back to the business of helping those w/’ears to hear & eyes to see’ back ‘in the loop’ of truth, solutions & remedies!

We’ve received several very significant piece of information to help tide you over in this interim w/no shows. Btw, I really appreciate the emails confirming my thoughts that you can get this straight info from NO other source. Now that you’ve ‘gotten it’ you realize w/the last 6 weeks absence how important this info & understanding it truly is.

I was thrilled to receive yesterday the complete video of the Michael Gaddy presentation put on by Daryl in Gadsden July 7. The talk is titled Civil War History: Why it Matters Today. As usual, Michael hits it OUT of the park! Feel free to spread & share this exceptional presentation of actual & factual historical information of GREAT significance to those who are truth seekers and looking for real answers. Link:

We will be posting one of the letters from Simon Rothschild that Michael Gaddy has sent us. We’ll continue to expose this series of letters and the other significant ‘original source’ documents Michael has stashed away over the last 30 years of intensive research.

One of the planned segments @ PPN will be a ‘ALL Things Cyber’ round-table discussion on Sunday evenings. The coming explosion in cyber coins will be completely covered by the network. To me and others this cyber field is the ONLY port in the coming severe storm. Not to mention that the opportunities that will present themselves to us as a group can be life changing.

So, after getting my feet ‘partially’ on the ground here in Ecuador I wanted to take a few minutes to sit down and get you back ‘in the loop’ on our progress. We have made great progress with the technical aspects of the network. The signal has been up for at least 10 days streaming Classical music for testing.

So, we’re very close to having our OWN outlet where we can cover and explore what needs to be covered and explored w/OUT people controlling things that have NO earthly idea of how the world really works!

C ya on the air soon!!! And thanx so much for your loyalty!


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Book: From Sovereign to Serf by Roger Sayles

Book: From Sovereign to Serf – Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words by Roger Sayles

The United States is only the second country in world history where man has been able to receive God-given, Natural Rights – rights ‘they’ have tricked you into voluntarily trading for a citizenship status that amounts to slavery. Legally, you are merely an asset owned or pledged by the federal government as collateral toward our nation’s debt.

In From Sovereign to Serf – Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words, author Roger Sayles not only inspires you to stand up for your God-given rights and against government tyranny; he gives you the means to do so.

Book: From Sovereign to Serf by Roger Sayles

From Sovereign to Serf documents the very techniques the U.S. Federal Government uses to convert your RIGHTS into PRIVILEGES and establish totalitarian control over us all. Masterfully clear and well documented, you will not find a better explanation of how we have evolved from a nation of sovereign citizens with God-given, constitutionally protected liberties into a rogue police state of corporate slaves subservient to a faceless 1%.

From Sovereign to Serf is a very powerful book. Over 240 pages, it representmore than 70 years of exhaustive legal research, study and sacrifice by three great Americans — teachers and patriots — who have dedicated their adult lives to not only understanding the concepts explained in From Sovereign to Serf, but also to educating the public.

Don’t let the title mislead you.

From Sovereign to Serf is not another book about the warmed-over sovereign citizen theories with which you may already be too well acquainted.  John Benson and Glenn Ambort actually served 14 combined years in federal prison solely for teaching the truths revealed in this book.

Armed with the knowledge contained within From Sovereign to Serf,  the author, Roger Sayles, has successfully restored his God Given, Constitutionally protected Rights using what he calls, “the deceitful moniker of U.S. National.”

“U.S. National” is the original citizenship status established by our Forefathers. We have been tricked into ‘volunteering’ into the English/European version of literal slavery. They OWN your body – illegally.

If you’re skeptical about the status “non-citizen U.S. National,” simply check the oath on a passport application. (Surely you would look there for your rightful and correct political status,now wouldn’t you?)

As very correctly stated in the passport application instructions under the OMB Number section,

You are not required to provide the information requested on this form unless the form displays a current valid OMB number. We try to create forms and instructions that can be easily understood. Often this is difficult to do because our citizenship laws are very complex.

A greater understatement has never been published by the United States federal government.

The federal government will not explain our citizenship laws to you nor how they are applied.From Sovereign to Serf does though,  in great detail.

If you are a “Natural Law” person already, From Sovereign to Serf provides you with examples and facts to justify your positions when questioned and if you are unfamiliar with the concept, From Sovereign to Serf provides an in-depth course in the philosophy that would likely convince any skeptic.

Roger Sayles has done a masterful job, in fact, of enumerating exactly where our rights come from, how they are interpreted legally and how they have been continually eroded since virtually the inception of the Republic — and certainly since the Fourteenth Amendment and subsequent legal deceptions.

 I have not seen a clearer, better-documented explanation of how a de facto federal government has tricked us out of our God-given, constitutionally protected liberties and into volunteering for a legal status of slavery.

— Gary Kinghorn, correspondent – The Dollar Vigilante

The proof, reproduced at the back of the book, is a legally executed and filed Affidavit of Citizenship that has been accepted and stands to this day UN-rebutted.

Roger has used that affidavit on six different occasions, including to obtain a Florida photo ID, his social security retirement benefits and an official U.S. Passport (on three separate occasions,) all while claiming what he believes to be his rightful, sovereign status as a U.S. National.

Not once has Roger Sayles’ affidavit of citizenship been questioned, refused or rebutted.


(Sample for White Americans)

I, (name), being of sound mind and lawful age, do solemnly declare:
1. I am a freeman, born on the land of (State), of parents who were white, who were Citizen-Principals and whose parents time out of mind were and always had been white. As an hereditament I acquired directly the status of Citizen-Principal of said state sharing equally in its sovereignty. Slaughterhouse Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (1873).
2. As a white man, born on the land of Florida, I am not restricted by the 14th Amendment, and because I receive no protection from it, I have no reciprocal obligation to a 14th Amendment allegiance or sovereignty and owe no obedience to anyone under the 14th Amendment. United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898).
3. I am a free Citizen of the aforesaid state of my birth and derivative and mediate thereof I am also a Citizen of the united states of America as contemplated in the Constitutional Contract of 1787.
4. I am not a citizen of the United States as contemplated by the 14th Amendment, and I do not reside in any state with the intention of receiving from the Federal government or any other party a protection against the legislative power of that state pursuant to the authority of the 14th Amendment.
5. I am, therefore, “nonresident” to the residency and “alien” to the citizenship of the 14th Amendment.
6. As the tax imposed in 26 U.S.C.1, pursuant to 26 C.F.R. 1.1-1, is on citizens and residents as contemplated by the 14th Amendment, it is not an applicable Internal Revenue Law to me, as I am neither such a citizen or resident.
Notwithstanding the fact that I may have in past years filed U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns, such filings were done under mistake by me not knowing that such filings were and are mandated only on citizens and residents of the United States as contemplated by the 14th Amendment.
7. Furthermore, I am not a resident of any state under the 14th Amendment and hereby publicly disavow any contract, form, agreement, application, certificate, license, permit or other document that I or any other person may have signed expressly or by acquiescence that would grant me any privileges and thereby ascribe to me rights and duties under a substantive system of law other than that of the Constitutional Contract of 1787 for the united states of America and of the constitutions for the several states of the Union, exclusive of the 14th Amendment.
8. I reiterate that I have made the above determinations and this declaration under no duress, coercion, promise of reward or gain, or undue influence and of my own free will, with no mental reservation and with no intent to evade any legal duty under the laws of the United States or any of the several states.
9. I sincerely invite any person who has reason to know or believe that I am in error in my determinations and conclusions above to so inform me and to state the reason(s) they believe I am in error in writing at the location of my abode shown below.
(Name) – sui juris, with express reservation of all my rights in law, equity and all other natures of law.
[ Rights Reserved: UCC 1-308, Florida Statute 671.207 ]
(address), (City), (State) [zip code]( County ) ( State of ? )
Signed before me this ?th day of (month) 2013, by (Name), personally known to me and who did take an oath.
(Name of Notary)
My commission expires (date)
# (license number)
Bonded thru (Insurance company)


(Sample for African-Americans) 

I, ___________________ , being of lawful age and of sound mind, do hereby declare:

  1. I was born of parents of Black-African ancestry.
  2. Prior to the ratification of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, individuals of my heritage were held by the U.S. Supreme Court to be incapable of being or becoming Citizen-Sovereigns of the United States.
  3. The 14 th Amendment conferred upon individuals, such as me, the status of national citizen-subject and state citizen-resident.
  4. I maintain that Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954), in which the U.S. Supreme Court held that state laws that established separate public schools for black and white students were unconstitutional, by implication mandates that separate citizenship for white and black individuals is equally unconstitutional.
  5. I, therefore, declare that I am a national Citizen-Sovereign and state Citizen-Inhabitant, equal in every respect to the same national and state status as white individuals.

I Declare the above to be true and correct under the penalties of perjury, 28 U.S.C. § 1746.

Done this __th Day of ____________ 2013 at [city, state].


There is a legal maxim dating back to Rome, still standing today, that proves the truth of the points raised in my personal affidavit and in those that other Americans, of whatever background, race or heritage, may choose to file in their county records: “silence deems consent.

To OBTAIN your Instant E-copy of From Sovereign to Serf, CLICK BUTTON ($4.99)

Buy Now

To obtain a printed copy of the book, CLICK HERE

I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Drop me a line, and I will do my best to respond! – Roger

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Birth Certificates; You’re Pledged by the Federal Government as Collateral

Birth Certificates; You're Pledged by the Federal Government as Collateral

Seriously, What’s With All The “You Are a Slave” Stuff?

We have gone from freedom to slavery, from sovereigns to serfs on the great Federal Manor via the 14th Amendment. All due in large measure to the treachery and deception of words by the United States Supreme Court.

Roger S. Sayles, p. 161From Sovereign to Serf

If you have wondered why all of your “patriot friends” continually warn you about being a slave, but were afraid to ask — this post is for you. And while you old-timers won’t learn anything new from reading this article, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and clarity of the author’s explanation.

You Don’t Own Yourself — the Federal Reserve Does

For a while I have been receiving e-mails from a good friend who has asked me to investigate something weird about the Birth Certificates. He wanted me to take a look at them because they have certain numbers and other things printed on them that need an explanation.

When I looked at my own Birth Certificate, I noticed it was a copy of the original. So I went through old boxes and baby books that my Mom had saved before she died and found what I was looking for — my original Birth Certificate. It was brittle and yellowed with decades of age but — wow — it was NOT the original!

What I have learned since is kind of like discovering that you are part of the Matrix. It seems none of us have our original Birth Certificates — they are all copies. And the copies have a serial number on them, issued on special Bank Bond paper and authorized by “The American Bank Note Company.” Huh?

The truth is stranger than fiction. But here it is:

It seems that back in 1913 the United States was short of cash. World War I had depleted the treasury and there were several really bad financial panics — in 1907 especially — so the country needed to print more money than it had as equity to restore confidence in the money supply and get the economy back on its feet.

collateral-rooseveltWhen you or I need more money, we use something as collateral and go to a bank for a loan. When a country needs more money it has to go somewhere also. But in 1913 there wasn’t anywhere to go. So the US created the Federal Reserve Act. This established a private central bank (The Federal Reserve Bank) that would regulate the amount of money the US government was allowed to borrow and put in circulation. It also would expect to be repaid, like any bank, with interest.

After only 20 years things went from bad to worse. During Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency, in 1933, the US was unable to pay its debt. The county was bankrupt. The private banks that made up the Federal Reserve demanded their money and Roosevelt responded. He had to use the only thing left of any value to pay the banks and continue doing business with them — the citizens of our country. Us!

Exactly how all this was orchestrated is too lengthy to be addressed here, but this much can be told. The original birth or naturalization record for every U.S. Citizen is on file in the official records in Washington, D.C. (you get to keep a copy!) and the property and assets of every living U.S. Citizen is pledged as collateral for the National Debt!

Within two weeks and three days each Certificate of Live Birth is to be filed in Washington D.C. Evidence reveals that there is even a Federal Children Department established by the Shepherd/Townsend Act of 1922 under the Department of Commerce that appears to be involved in this process in some way. Every citizen is given a number (the red number on the Birth Certificate) and each live birth is valued at from 650,000 to 750,000 Federal Reserve dollars in collateral from the Fed.

This kind of makes you feel a little different when you look at Federal Reserve Chairman, Bernanke, doesn’t it?

OK. Let’s take a pause to look at the Birth Certificates [below.] You will see the red numbers and you will see the fact that it is, in reality, a “Bank Note.” Congratulations — you and I are commodities!


Names in “ALL CAPS” on Birth Certificates

Since the early 1960s, State governments have issued Birth Certificates to “persons” with legal fictional names using “ALL CAPS” names. This is not a lawful record of your physical birth, but rather the acknowledgement of the “birth” of the juristic, all-caps name. It may appear to be your true name, but since no proper name is ever written in all caps (either lawfully or grammatically) it does not identify who you are. The Birth Certificate is the government’s self-created document of title for its new property — you and me! In a way, it makes us a kind of corporation whose company name is the same as our real name, but written in ALL CAPS. This “corporation” then generates taxes and wealth over its lifetime and in this way repays the collateral that Uncle Sam borrowed from the Federal Reserve.

Remember that “Bond” thing printed on the bottom of the certificate?

Bond. I a: A usually formal written agreement by which a person undertakes to perform a certain act (as fulfill the obligations of a contract) . . with the condition that failure to perform or abstain will obligate the person . . to pay a sum of money or will result in the forfeiture of money put up by the person or surety. lb: One who acts as a surety. 2: An interest-bearing document giving evidence of a debt issued by a government body or corporation that is sometimes secured by a lien on property and is often designed to take care of a particular financial need. — Ibid. — Merriam-Webster Dictionary of Law (1996).

Banknote. A kind of negotiable instrument, a promissory note made by a bank payable to the bearer on demand, used as money, and in many jurisdictions is legal tender. Along with coins, banknotes make up the cash or bearer forms of all modern money.

Birth certificates are a form of securities called “warehouse receipts.” The items included on a warehouse receipt, as described at §7-202 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the law which governs commercial paper and transactions, which parallel a birth certificate are:

  • the location of the warehouse where the goods are stored…(residence)
  • the date of issue of the receipt…..(“Date issued”)
  • the consecutive number of the receipt…(found on back or front of the certificate, usually in red numbers)
  • a description of the goods or of the packages containing them…(name, sex, date of birth, etc.)
  • the signature of the warehouseman, which may be made by his authorized agent…(municipal clerk or state registrar’s signature)

Birth certificates now appear to at least qualify as “warehouse receipts” under the Uniform Commercial Code. Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th ed. defines:

Warehouse Receipt. …A warehouse receipt, which is considered a document of title, may be a negotiable instrument and is often used for financing with inventory as security.

It is not difficult to see that a state-created Birth Certificate, with an ALL CAPS name is a document evidencing debt the moment it is issued.

Once a state has registered a birth document with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Department notifies the Treasury Department, which takes out a loan from the Federal Reserve. The Treasury uses the loan to purchase a bond (the Fed holds a purchase money security interest in the bond) from the Department of Commerce, which invests the sale proceeds in the stock or bond market. The Treasury Department then issues Treasury securities in the form of Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills using the bonds as surety for the new securities.

This cycle is based on the future tax revenues of the legal person whose name appears on the Birth Certificate. This also means that the bankrupt, corporate U.S. can guarantee to the purchasers of their securities the lifetime labor and tax revenues of every citizen of the United States/American with a Birth Certificate as collateral for payment. This device is initiated simply by converting the lawful, true name of the child into a legal, juristic name of a person.

Legally, you are considered to be a slave or indentured servant to the various Federal, State and local governments via your STATE-issued and STATE-created Birth Certificate in the name of your all-caps person. Birth Certificates are issued so that the issuer can claim exclusive title to the legal person created thereby.

Sleep well, fellow slaves.


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