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Good Will and Good Intentions

As I’ve said for so long, “it’s the message”. Powerful & binding for people of Good Will and Good Intentions.

Dear listener, follower & supporter!

Well, it’s been a week since youthful Mr. Geo gave me a much needed ‘mini vacation’! With the way things have gone since I got back from Ecuador mid January that is not too much of an exaggeration! So, a bit of a needed break for me.

Although not as much of a ‘break’ as you would think of. I’m been swamped with so many emails, comments and well wishes from many of you that it’s taken much of the 1st week here to even catch my breath. I want to let you know from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate each and every one of you. We’ve grown to be much more of a tightly knit family than just a radio program. As I’ve said for so long, “it’s the message”. Powerful & binding for people of Good Will and Good Intentions.

We will be back shortly on the air w/our own network. We have a great Band-Aid solution that may work out to be longer than temporary. Time will tell. Ultimately the plan is to have our own dedicated network, based out of the Quito area most likely, that will continue to carry our message into the ages. That is the longer term goal. TFR archives AND ALL!!

Speaking of ‘TFR archives’. I knew even when setting Geo up w/that question that some of the listeners have each and every broadcast done there downloaded. But it sure allowed Geo (as someone said, ‘transpose the 1st 2 letters of his last name and you get the picture!) to show his true colors.

You’ve probably noticed the outstanding work Robert has been doing on the website as we gear up for this dash to the end of the year. On top of a general facelift Robert has set up Facebook (not sure whether it’s a step up or down!) & Twitter so we can reach more folks who are looking for truth and answers. We are planning on adapting to changing environments as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Now to more of the ‘business’ aspect of this, plans & developments.

This appears to be a new, multi person, Cliff High video recetnly released.

Clif High: Temporal Awareness, Cryptocurrencies, The Yogi vs.The Bluebirds

BitClub Network

With all the devastation in the ‘high yield’ programs, as a team, we’ve decided to totally lean on the safety, history and cutting edge technology future of BitClub Network. Still virtually unknown to all but a select few this ‘member owned’ global mining co-operative will be one of the future’s giants. The upcoming, soon, ‘point of sale’ apparatus that allows any entity that takes payments to convert to a btc accepting payment system with ‘instant remittance’ and a minuscule 1% fee, including the additional benefit of ‘cash back’ to a customer! Revolutionary!

The appeal of Club Network is universal as is it’s reach. The same qualities that draw us here, track record, Club form, stability, cutting edge technological edge, member ownership, penetration into the marketplace, possibility for huge gains especially for those who expose the benefits of the program. I organization anyone could be proud to get up in front of a thousand Lion’s Club members and present it to them. We are so blessed to get out hands on this as early as we have. Club is about ready to TAKE OFF in coming ‘mania months’. We’re positioned perfectly!

I wanted to say that I have been about to solve the VPN sign in hurdle. You can enroll people in your back office (enroll member option), coordinate w/them on email verification and 99 membership fee. Once that is done and the person has a member link it by-passes the block. Should any of you want to/need to approach signing in this way please contact me. I will help you get a great spot in the power leg we are group building.

If you’ve missed info on Club here are two good videos to view or share:

ICELAND CENTER: Verne Global Data Center Fly-Through Tour BitClub Network ES – Webinar – January 28th 2017 – Russ Medlin Also, someone I know who is in another line w/Club just had a group of people actually go to Iceland and tour the facilities in the above video. They also mine in Russia & China.

From what we’ve been able to tell and hear, the people who have been in Club for a bit of time are pretty much plowing ALL their proceeds back into the company at this point acquiring additional Founders positions now. I am very impressed with the professionalism and attitude of this operation. It is just top notch. LONG term, safe & solid w/a cutting edge position & approach.

Each spot has three landing pages w/referral links. Here are my Sovereign to Serf downline referral links:

If you want to get involved in Club at any level and are having difficulties please contact me:


This is brand new, even to me. I just saw it over this past weekend. Interesting how this happened. Jazzman, caller to show, dropped it to me in email. I opened it but did not have time to thoroughly check it out. Then I get a back channel message to listen in to another JetCoin line’s conference call on same. They talked about Jet & the situation but then transitioned into a ‘new program’ that they would not name but were going to have a call on the next evening. I could tell it was this by the things that were being said. So, I immediately signed in.

This is PRE LAUNCH on Wealthbot. Official launch is scheduled for July 5. The have the ‘best’ MLM attorney in the country. It is FREE to sign in and FREE to even hold a ‘Founders’ spot (which you will automatically receive by joining BEFORE launch). They even say on the Q&A that they will honor this Founders spot after they’ve closed the opportunity to Founders, even if still unfunded.

This is safe, solid, uses a cutting edge approach and extremely sophisticated. The two videos, VERY professionally done, will give you adequate background and information. The 2nd one is Q&A. They have another call scheduled this Wednesday night.

BOT has a 4 level traditional network comp plan structure. Level 1, 3% override, level 2, 3%, level 3, 3%, level 4, 1%.

Here are the links for videos & sign-in.



Also, in the 1st video they talk about aitbitz Ewallet. They say it’s the world’s safest wallet and great for storage it is so safe. I signed into aitbitz last night and played with it. You sign in via phone or tablet and then there is a computer interface via a website named augur. Aitbitz also has a referral program should you care to participate in that.

Airbits sign in link:

Computer based AITBITZ wallet via

Also, on that video they gave out this site for ‘trading’ any coin for any other coin. VERY handy to have in your back pocket!


The other GIANT opportunities I see for all of us that want/chose to participate is the CIPO marketplace for the release of new, applicable and promising coins. We can ALL essentially do what the people we’re seeing selling btc they bought for pennies for thousands of dollars. These new releases will afford us opportunity to seize some of those opportunities also.

The “Change of the Ages” has begun if you understand what to look at and for you can see it. We are at the cutting edge of the point of the spear with these programs. Not only personally but also in our ability to effect tens of thousands even tens of millions in helping ‘them’ achieve some safety as this change in ages starts occurring in earnest later this year. WE WILL BE POSITIONED!!!!

We should be back on the air in a few weeks, three or four most. I’ve already got a solid backbone of announcers who have agreed to participate. We will do ‘block programming’ where blocks of time will be devoted to certain topics or subject matter. We’ll have a very strong health block. Two of our black listeners have agreed to have a program to reach out to the black community. I believe Brent Winters and Michael Gaddy will be taking a much more active role in filling our time as both bring so much to the table.

We plan on a heavy emphasis on this cyber coin/currency space. We can cover all aspects of it from blockchain changes to new coin initial public offerings, which coins look promising to invest in, etc. My plan is for us to be the ‘leaders’ in information that is provided about this important change & space.

I get my ‘background check’ papers from Argentina tomorrow and my dental process is about finished. So, this week will start packing and organizing and getting the final details buttoned up for the move to Ecuador. Plan on spending a few days in Buenos Aires before shoving off to the new country. Will keep y’all advised and ‘in the loop’ via the website and this newsletter..

Thank ALL of you so much for you wonderful emails!


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Loyal Listeners and Dear Friends

Loyal listeners and dear friends,

Last (Friday) night at about midnight last night Chris Geo and I had this Skype exchange. Fairly self explanatory and shows again how Geo deals with people. Remember, “the ONLY way you can gauge another person is by HOW they treat other people.” From his past track record, known within the industry, Geo fails the ‘test’ consistently as he so convincingly demonstrates in the exchange below.

This needed to happen I think and is going to turn out to be a blessing for us, our listeners and those who really are completely aware of the forces underlying the ‘powers that be’. We will be starting our own network where we can cover ANY content which we feel is important, viable and usable to help those who have ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’.

Of course this will not be done overnight but we’re already working and planning. On top of I was told at my weekly dentist appointment yesterday that we’re two visits away from being finished. That means my delayed, highly anticipated move to Ecuador is now on the threshold. Having been totally immersed in this new and exciting cyber opportunity space has given me ‘no’ free time to start packing and getting ready to move. With no daily program I can start tackling that this week also.

We were already in process of beefing up the website. That will accelerate now. We’re biting the bullet and going into Facebook & Twitter heavily also. We’ll be expanding the website and probably another one to specialize in this exploding area so ALL of us can stay involved and on top of this fast paced space.

I can honestly say that in the ENTIRE TIME my program has been on TFR I personally have NEVER listened to one other program on the network. Now we will take what we’ve been able to build over there and transfer it to our OWN network where ‘content’ will not be restricted on anything that is viable. There are many other capable people w/viable messages that have run into problems with the other network ‘owners’ who are almost all total egotists or psychopaths. So, I am very upbeat and positive about this and where it will lead those who chose to follow.

If you feel so motivated drop Mr. Geo an email and let him know how you feel about this and how it was handled. You regular listeners know full well how much I promoted him and the network for I guess 3 years. You can also see fairly easily Geo’s cold and ungrateful reply to those who go out of their way to help him achieve HIS goals… TFR will not go on a downhill slide. Geo seems to be banking on the traditional radio model, advertising sponsorship. Unfortunately Geo has NO understand of economics or what is currently happening. He has ‘no’ understanding of networking, which will be the main way the society will move good, product & services as we go forward. IHeart Radio is now in bankruptcy. The economy is headed OFF a cliff and rapidly now. For the most part the remainder of the programming on TFR is ‘new age’, ‘flat earth’ type of crap. Those things do NOT hold water nor will they hold audience OR advertisers who will not be able to afford to advertise. In 6 months they will be in serious financial trouble is my prediction.

So, time will tell. “The Project” takes yet another turn and it will be a turn for the positive. I want to express my sincere ‘thanx’ to you for your awareness and your loyalty to me personally and to the message we carry more importantly. We WILL get through this as ‘winners’.

Remember, God NEVER closes one door without opening another one up. That is what has happened here. We will make the absolute best of it and continue our quest to help not only free mankind but also, however slightly, “Change the World” as we are able… For the POSITIVE of course!!

Thanx so very much. See ya at the ‘nest stop’!!


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[6/16/2017 11:33:36 PM] Chris Geo: Hi Roger. We can no longer carry your show. Thank you,
[6/16/2017 11:34:06 PM] Town Cryr: Wow, isn’t that a bit sudden?
[6/16/2017 11:34:29 PM] Town Cryr: Is there a particular reason Chris?
[6/16/2017 11:35:03 PM] Chris Geo: Not following policy
[6/16/2017 11:35:33 PM] Chris Geo: I was very clear
[6/16/2017 11:35:49 PM] Chris Geo: you choose not to follow. I understand. Your show isn’t a fit for the station.
[6/16/2017 11:36:12 PM] Town Cryr: OK then. What about my archives?
[6/16/2017 11:37:00 PM] Chris Geo: we have no responsibility to hold on to your archives
[6/16/2017 11:37:27 PM] Town Cryr: You will give me the opportunity to DLoad hem I trust?
[6/16/2017 11:38:03 PM] Chris Geo: you had from Thursday til now
[6/16/2017 11:38:16 PM] Chris Geo: I was very clear
[6/16/2017 11:38:24 PM] Town Cryr: You know I’ve never done anything but try to do good for you, the network and the audience. Way over and above the call of duty.
[6/16/2017 11:38:46 PM] Town Cryr: You’re going to kick me off and take my archives and not even give me a chance to get them?
[6/16/2017 11:38:58 PM] Chris Geo: you’ve had two days to get them
[6/16/2017 11:39:01 PM] Town Cryr: Are you really going to treat me this way Chris?
[6/16/2017 11:39:09 PM] Chris Geo: you knew you were giving up your show when you broke policy
[6/16/2017 11:39:14 PM] Chris Geo: I was crystal clear
[6/16/2017 11:39:28 PM] Town Cryr: I was on the air today. Not until this moment was I informed I was no longer with he network. That is not “NotICE” Chris
[6/16/2017 11:39:43 PM] Chris Geo: you knew as soon as you broke policy
[6/16/2017 11:39:47 PM] Chris Geo: I was crystal clear with you
[6/16/2017 11:39:54 PM] Chris Geo: you chose to completely disrespect me
[6/16/2017 11:39:58 PM] Chris Geo: the network
[6/16/2017 11:39:59 PM] Chris Geo: and our listeners
[6/16/2017 11:41:13 PM] Town Cryr: Very objectively I don’t consider the exchange we had to be a ‘very clear’, DO THIS AND YOU’RE OFF. But, be that as it may, I can accrpt it Chris. I would just like the chance to get my ‘WORK PRODUCT” as I being ushered out the door… That is my work…
[6/16/2017 11:41:25 PM] Chris Geo: I don’t care what you consider
[6/16/2017 11:41:44 PM] Town Cryr: There is very important info on those recordings…
[6/16/2017 11:41:50 PM] Chris Geo: this conversation is over
[6/16/2017 11:42:02 PM] Town Cryr: Man I’m sorry you’re so bitter over something.
[6/16/2017 11:44:05 PM] Town Cryr: I got to tell you brother, in my entire life this is one of the most underhanded anyone has ever treated me. I guess you’ve earned your reputation… You don’t have any idea what you’ve turned away.. Best of luck…

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What Happened to Chris Cave?

What Happened to Chris Cave? The first time I remember Chris Cave (I did not know his last name then) calling into the radio program was at least 4 years ago when the program was on another network. Chris’ knowledge of law and background in linguistics and the origins of words has always been impressive to me. Chris has continued to be a regular caller and contributor to the show for years now.

Chris Cave is in Sparks NV

Several months ago Chris was ‘set up’ by the Clark County, Nevada. He called into the program numerous times from the day of the incident on, giving us a ‘blow by blow’ account of the events. As the theft of his antique car, literally from his property, by (according to Chris) 11 heavily armed Clark County police officers.

Chris has a professional background and after he thwarted their attempts the ‘authorities’ pulled some of their usual tactics. Evidently one of the heads of the County Commission had his daughter ‘designated’ as Chris Cave’s ‘guardian’ and used that to fraud to place Chris in a ‘high security mental institution’ in Sparks, Nevada. Chris is currently being held, against his will, in this ‘institution’.

Chris & a fellow inmate were on the Radio Ranch two weeks ago for almost 2 full hours. The blow-back from that appearance has resulted now in a facility rule that Chris is NOT ALLOWED to use the phone. Previous to that decision Chris could ‘only’ talk on the phone with his “forensic correction officer” standing by him while he speaks on the phone.

We have set up a position for Chris so that when he IS released from being held against his will and under total fraud & color of law he will hopefully have something that he can use to possibly better his position and get his life back in some sort of order.

We will update as we know more.

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The United States is Running Parallel Governments

By Roger Sayles | Sovereign to Serf

The United States is Running Parallel Governments

The Gadsden flag; Don't Tread on Me. Image credit: Lexicon, Vikrum (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The United States is running parallel governments. For 23.5 years I have been studying the basics of law and the methods and techniques that the New World Order has so skillfully used to enslave the once freest people on the face of the earth. Few people really understand the uniqueness of the form of government our Forefathers founded and left us. Obviously, it has been totally corrupted and changed. 'How' the exact method that has been used was laid out exactly in my book, From Sovereign to Serf, Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words. However, some people, even truly wanting to understand still have a problem understanding the really relative simple trick that has been played.

The explanation was greatly simplified, demonstrated and shown in actual application for a U.S. Passport in the video posted at A U.S. Passport for Ed Snowden. In the middle of that video is what must be the greatest open hidden secret in the history of the world, The Holy Grail, the 'the pyramid w/the all seeing eye', a Babylonian conceptual trap! Viewing the video plainly shows you the two distinct types of 'political status', or 'citizenship' (if you want to use a term where their double definition dialectal word trick can potentially confuse and trick your mind). One can easily look into The Declaration of Independence and see the words that are capitalized, “Citizen” being one of them along with “Rights” and “Duties.” I've tried to establish the phrase 'political status' as opposed to 'citizenship' for clarification purposes. The object of 'all' of this specificity is to assist people in “fine tuning” their thinking. “Muddy thinking”, not being specific, allows them to play opposite-definition word tricks. They get us thinking in 'generalities' and then come back and zap us with 'specificity'. This is the technique that has been used so effectively by the Satanists that has brought the world so very close to the literal brink of destruction where we now find ourselves no matter where we are located on the globe.

For all the years I've come to understand these complex concepts I have continually attempted to apply my growing familiarity in methods to show or explain what has been done in simpler ways so that more people can quickly 'uptake' their understanding. The reason is because when people find out they've been living in a world of opposite definitions they have to go back and 'think through' each situation where they have established a “reality theory” view of their personal and worldview situations. Untying all of these “double minded” knots in one's life takes time, concentration and effort.

Lately I have come to understand something I had actually noticed and identified numerous years ago. But, in this 'untie the knots' approach to understanding our jilted world now spinning out of control one can 'see' something, even 'know' some fact and still not know how it fits into the puzzle. What they have done is definitely complex and meant to deceive, trick and induce you into giving them the “Consent of the Governed” all the while not understanding what you are doing or agreeing to.

Oh, you didn't know they have 'the “Consent of the Governed”? Oh yes, you've given that to them many times over your lifetime! When you have been asked “are you a resident?” or “are you a citizen of the United States?” maybe even “are you a U.S. Person?” they were, in complex legally coded language asking you “are you a voluntary serf under the scope and purview of the 14th Amendment?”. You answered 'yes' and signed some type of legal document! As the legal cannon goes, “Ignorance of the law is 'no' excuse!” Hell, you 'should' know 'what you ARE', shouldn't you? YOU should know whether you're 'slave or free', 'free or bond' now, 'shouldn't you'? To get Biblical here, “my people die from lack of knowledge."

Let's go back to a 'basic' premise, back in time over 2,000 years. One of the truly greatest true statesman in the history of the world was Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 B.C. Note the dates that he lived. Try to comprehend the importance of this quote written before the birth and death of Jesus Christ.

Power and law are not synonymous. In truth, they are frequently in opposition and irreconcilable. There is God‘s Law from which all equitable laws of man emerge and by which men must live if they are not to die in oppression, chaos and despair. Divorced from God‘s eternal and immutable Law, established before the founding of the suns, man‘s power is evil no matter the noble words with which it is employed or the motives urged when enforcing it. Men of good will, mindful therefore of the Law laid down by God, will oppose governments whose rule is by men, and if they wish to survive as a nation they will destroy the government which attempts to adjudicate by the whim of venal judges.

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero 106-43 B.C.

There are 'two' and “ONLY TWO” places men get their 'Rights' or 'rights'. The capital “R” Rights are the Natural God-Given Rights (with correlative Duties) as spelled out in The Declaration of Independence. The lower case “r” rights we today call 'civil rights' as installed and dictated by the 14th Amendment. Small 'r' rights are nothing more than 'privileges', privileges can be 'given' as well as 'taken away' and, even more importantly they can be, here's the key word, “regulated”! Hence the growth of “Administrative” or “Regulatory” Agencies, to “administrate” or “regulate” the new 'voluntary serfs' put into that condition with the Bankruptcy of the United States on March 9, 1933. From the Congressional Record. Congressman Louis T. McFadden, one of America‘s greatest Representatives. Thursday, May 4, 1933. (From Sovereign to Serf Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words)

Mr. McFadden. Mr. Chairman, the United States is bankrupt. It has been bankrupted by the corrupt and dishonest Federal Reserve banks. It has repudiated its debt to its own citizens. Its chief foreign creditor is Great Britain, and a British bailiff has been at the White House and British agents are in the United States Treasury making inventories and arranging terms of liquidation. In close cooperation with the British bailiff a French bailiff has been standing by with a staff of experts and 25 of the leading French journalists. The ?united front‘ has arrived at Washington.

Put into bondage that day in this banker manipulated 'bankruptcy' were 'all' the people in America at the time. This was done under the legal concepts of the 13th and 14th Amendment. Let's examine and dissect these two Constitutional Amendments.

It amazes me that the answers have been right there in front of all of our faces for 'all' these years. However, until you understand the basic premise of what is/has happening/happened you simply cannot fathom the depth of the trickery, treachery and deceit. Let's dissect the 13th Amendment.

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Note the first highlighted phrase “involuntary servitude”. Note that the term also is equally qualified with the preceding key word, 'slavery'. In law there is another concept termed 'legal by omission'. What the 13th does NOT make 'illegal' is “Voluntary Servitude” because it is 'not' expressly prohibited! Put in the dialectical form, “Voluntary Servitude” was made 'legal' by the 13th Amendment.

Now, secondly and equally if not 'more' important is the next key, highlighted, word. That word is “their”! “Their” is obviously referring to “PLURAL” or, the original states jurisdiction! So, these 'illegalities' and 'legalities' of the 13th Amendment apply to the states of the Union at the time of the Amendment's passing. This, again, capitalized here for emphasis, “PLURAL” denotation is highly important to not only 'note' but also 'understand'.

Now that we know “Voluntary Servitude” is 'legal by omission' in the existing 'states' let's move to the 14th Amendment's 1st sentence or clause.

Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868.

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

I am already planning on writing another, follow up article on SIX 'legal landmines' in the above sentence. For this article and our analysis here we'll concentrate on the highlighted text, the middle 'guts' of this dastardly addition to our National Constitution. You see, it has become vividly apparent to me, especially as of late, the more I understand the true dialectical nature of our traditional enemy, their plans and more importantly their methods of advancing their slavery agenda. It takes planning, stealth and years of scheming and conditioning of the people's minds to accomplish their goals! These amendments as well as a horrible 'Civil War' or, as, being a Southern boy I prefer to call it, “The War of Northern Aggression,” were ALL part of the more than 150 year old plan we live in now, unfolding to its predicted and intended results now in our collective lifetimes.

I don't think it takes much of an English language scholar to see the above center part of the 14th Amendment is framed in the 'singular'. “the jurisdiction thereof” is solo, one as diametrically opposed to the previous “their”, plural jurisdiction. Here you see the stark reality, right there in the U.S. Constitution the plain evidence that we have 'parallel governments'! The first the original composite of the original and added 'states', each considered a separate country. The second the post “War of Northern Aggression” singular 'federal government' now all powerful!

Now, let's reexamine the “Oath” on the current Application for U.S. Passport as examined in depth in From Sovereign to Serf Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words as well as the “A U.S. Passport for Ed Snowden” video on this website. Here you will see the two separate and distinct political statuses set forth plainly in the 13th & 14th Amendments to the Constitution discussed at length above."

“I declare under penalty of perjury that I am a United States citizen (or non- citizen national) and have not, since acquiring United States citizenship (or U.S. nationality), performed any of the acts listed under “Acts or Conditions” on the reverse of this application form (unless explanatory statement is attached). I declare under penalty of perjury that the statements made on this application are true and correct.”

They are 'to this day' running 'parallel governments'! The 'original' government, with God-Given Rights and Constitutional protections is still there, it still is operable and it still operates! The second, the federal government, with its 'regulatory/administrative agencies' to 'regulate/administrate' the post March 9, 1933 'voluntary serfs' or, even more correctly, 'federal property' has become predominant. It controls the entire country, it's business and it's 'property'. That, of course, would be YOU!

Changing this is, at least in action, a very simple and easy exercise. File, according to the U.S. Passport application, a 'declaration, including Affidavits' with the United States Secretary of State. That office is the highest office in the federal government with 'all' final authority on ALL matters concerning 'citizenship', therefore 'political status'.

To learn more details you can listen to our weekday radio program aired 12-2 CDT on the fabulous facility

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KaratBars Will Free You from the New World Order

KaratBars Will Free You from the New World OrderHello, my name is Roger Sayles. Several years ago, I authored From Sovereign to Serf: Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words, a book in which I exposed what has been done by those in power to bring the great American Dream to its knees. Copies of the book and the 27 minute video I did for Ed Snowden (concerning Ed’s U.S. Passport) can be found at A US Passport For Ed Snowden.

My 23 years of political research were done hand-in-hand with my in-depth study of the history of our present financial system. Early on in my studies, I came to understand the importance of GOLD and precious metals in our lives, our families’ futures and in their well-being. I also noted the importance of GOLD in the scheme used by the New World Order (NWO) to dominate, control and enslave all the peoples of the world. In late April 2014, a good friend of many years called and asked if I’d ever heard of Karatbars, a German company which had been selling monetary-grade GOLD throughout the world for five years. I had not. He sent some information, and it grabbed my attention immediately, NOT primarily because of the financial or monetary gain available, but because of the power behind the concept on which this company was created and on which it operates today. Karatbars sells ‘gold-by-the gram.’ It offers 1, 2.5 & 5 grams ‘cards’ with monetary-grade GOLD actually embedded ‘in’ the card. You can find a great deal of additional information on the company and its unique concept HERE.

Several aspects of this endeavor ‘really’ excited me:

  • After looking into the company, I quickly realized that for the very first time, to my knowledge, we had a way to collectively fight our traditional enemy, the NWO, by attacking the ‘Tap Root’ of its power – the paper financial system.  The control of the financial system by the leaders of the NWO has allowed them to gain the political control to which we are all subjected.  The results are obvious to all who dare to open their eyes.
  • Every time rapidly-depreciating paper currency is exchanged for grams of gold, our traditional enemy is weakened.  Karatbars takes the currency, exchanges it for gold, then ‘dumps the paper back’ on the rapidly-depreciating pile of paper currencies, weakening them even more! THAT single act gives us financial power, collectively, working as a team, to weaken and, eventually, to topple the NWO.
  • Secondly, I realized, after 23 years of ‘tough sledding’ trying to find people who were even interested in the political findings put forth in my book, that Karatbars offered an easier way to get the message of my book to a much bigger audience!  You see, because everyone is concerned about their pocketbook, there will be many, MANY people who will be getting actively involved in Karatbars in the coming weeks, months and years.
  • Now, they can much more easily be exposed to the political shenanigans that have been pulled on the American people!  So, the success of Karatbars will enable us to spread the political facts and truth contained in From Sovereign to Serf FAR more easily and widely than before.  Ultimately, my research will reach many more people who have been prepared for the message because their study of the concepts behind Karatbars will now enable them to be more aware of the financial shenanigans which have been put over on them!
  • I immediately recognized that this small, relatively unknown German GOLD company could really help further my 23-year ‘mission’ of attempting to show and prove to Americans ‘exactly’ what has been done to them.

What I call “The Big Picture” of Karatbars is this: PRIVACY!  What Karatbars really offers us is an opportunity for privacy in our financial affairs.  You see, once you’re involved, you literally have your own PRIVATE banking system!  Yes, you can move funds in your free eWallet to any other Karatbar Member in the world with complete PRIVACY!   Once you’ve earned 35 euros in commissions, Karatbars will issue you an International Debit Card (by Master Card) into which your future commissions will be paid.  When you use the card, NO BANK sees your purchases!  Your transactions are completely PRIVATE!  Think of it: a worldwide GOLD exchange with complete PRIVACY!

A Private Vault Filled with GOLD

In addition, Karatbars offers an exceptional, but optional, opportunity for personal financial independence for those who share Karatbars vision of the future.  How much you want to earn is totally in your control!  The company pays up to 85% of its profits to those willing to help spread its vision to the world. Currently, in 122 countries around the world, there are only approximately 155,000 Karatbar Affiliates!  With literally billions of people eligible to become involved, the present number of Affiliates is but an ultra-small percentage of those who will be enrolling to help spread the “Karatbar vision” over the coming weeks, months and years.  How many of those potential billions of people would you like on your team?

Learn, Do, Share

If you will devote the time and energy required to absorb the information presented here in written and video form, I can assure you that you will LEARN in a relatively short amount of time what took me almost 23 years to absorb over countless hours and at great expense. If, after absorbing this material, you then think that this is something that makes sense for you to DO, please leave your name and contact information in the form below. We will contact you, send you more information if needed and/or answer any questions you may have. I urge you in the strongest of terms to seriously look into this fantastic opportunity.  In my honest opinion, opportunities like this only cross a person’s path once, maybe twice if you’re ‘lucky’, in a lifetime…

Karatbars gives you an opportunity to LEARN what the NWO is doing, DO something about it, SHARE the Karatbars Vision, REGAIN your freedom from the tyranny of the NWO!

Karatbars, changing the World’s marketplace, 1 gram @ time………

Roger Sayles

LEARN 140 Years Of Monetary History In 10 Minutes – Mike Maloney

How Much Will Your Retirement Account be Worth when You Need it?

 Has your time to be free arrived?

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A US Passport For Ed Snowden

A US Passport For Ed Snowden

Biometric United States passport issued in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States Government has revoked the U.S. Passport previously issued to Edward Joseph Snowden.

Is that the end of the story for you, Ed? OR do you have another option to obtain a United States Passport?

For the answer to these questions, Ed, watch this 27-MINUTE VIDEO;

A U.S. Passport 4 Ed

Click HERE for same Video with Spanish subtitles

Within this video, you will come face to face with the SECRET to FREEDOM hidden in plain sight in the passport application provided to Americans by the U.S. State Department.

After you have watched this video, read my eBook, From Sovereign to Serf, and I’ll see you in South America!

FROM SOVEREIGN TO SERF – The Book – by Roger S. Sayles

  246 pages of legal, historical and political intrigue with remedies and proof, From Sovereign to Serf is the most powerful book you will ever have the privilege to read. — Jeffrey Bennett, host of Life, Liberty & All That Jazz

America endured eight years of war and 25,000 casualties rather than submit God-given, Natural Rights to government control. Yet in the 150 years since the civil war, we have seen the United States Federal Government expand its scope of power and authority and our freedoms eroded almost exponentially with each change of the executive.

Today the US has the largest, most powerful government in the history of humankind – a government far more controlling, taxing and demanding than our founding generation abolished.

How did this happen? And what, if anything, can you do about it?

Read what Chief Justice Fuller of the U.S. Supreme Court had to say about the “spin” that was put on the 14th Amendment citizenship supposedly applicable to all Americans:

―The rule [of citizenship adopted by the majority] was the outcome of the connection in feudalism between the individual and the soil on which he lived, and the allegiance due was that of liegemen to their liege lord. It was not local and temporary, as was the obedience to the laws owed by aliens within the dominions of the Crown, but permanent and indissoluble, and not to be cancelled by any change of time or place or circumstances.

And it is this rule, pure and simple, which it is asserted determined citizenship of the United States during the entire period prior to the passage of the act of April 9, 1866, and the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, and governed the meaning of the words “citizen of the United States” and “natural-born citizen” used in the Constitution as originally framed and adopted.

I submit that no such rule obtained during the period referred to, and that those words bore no such construction; that the act of April 9, 1866, expressed the contrary rule; that the Fourteenth Amendment prescribed the same rule as the act, and that, if that amendment bears the construction now put upon it, it imposed the English common law rule on this country for the first time, and made it “absolute and unbending” just as Great Britain was being relieved from its inconveniences.” – Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. at 707 (Fuller, C. J., dissenting) (describing the citizenship rule adopted by the majority)

See also:

It [a passport] is a document, which, from its nature and object, is addressed to foreign powers; purporting only to be a request, that the bearer of it may pass safely and freely; and is to be considered rather in the character of a political document, by which the bearer is recognized, in foreign countries, as an American citizen [sic]; and which, by usage and the law of nations, is received as evidence of the fact. But this is a very different light, from that in which it is to be viewed in a court of justice, where the inquiry is, as to the fact of citizenship. It is a mere ex parte certificate; and if founded upon any evidence produced to the secretary of state, establishing the fact of citizenship, that evidence, if of a character admissible in a court of justice, ought to be produced upon the trial, as higher and better evidence of the fact.

Urtetiqui v. D’Arcy, 34 U.S. 692, 699; 9 Pet. 692; 9 L.Ed. 276 (1835)

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